Election by Judy @ 9:46 AM
suspicious bulge on Bush's back

Check out this picture.

Apparently Bush had a radio receiver fastened to his back during the first debate so he could receive messages (see the bulge marked by the arrow). Perhaps this is why his campaign insisted on a “no camera shots from the back” rule? Perhaps this is why sometimes he stumbled over his words? I know he does that anyway, but it seemed worse than usual.

It will be interesting to see how tonight’s debate goes. Since the candidates can get up and walk around the stage, it will be harder to hide a receiver.

I notice that the Electoral Vote Predictor in the side blog is projecting Kerry-280/Bush-239. This is the first time for a long time that Kerry has had enough electoral votes to win. I think it’s still a pretty tight horse race. Tonight’s debate is important to both candidates.

I’ve been meaning to blog about why keeping the electoral college is important. Maybe I will this afternoon if I feel better.

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