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Kerry’s debate experience showed last night. If only he had more than one expression. I kept wondering how much botox, exactly, has come his way.

On the other hand, Bush looked, as my coffee lady Kathy put it, “like a baby with a bad case of gas.”

Seriously, though, I did think that Kerry came out ahead. Kerry came out slugging and kept the pressure on while still managing to respond to accusations of indecisiveness. Bush started out strong, but by the end of the first 30 minutes he was starting to stumble over his words and kept repeating the same scripted responses. There were times when he appeared to competely lose his train of thought.

Kerry had the best zinger of the night:

You can be decisive and still be wrong

He went on to say that, if you are wrong, you need to own that and correct your course. This is a point that Bush does not seem to understand.

I did think that Kerry missed an opportunity at one point late in the debate. Both candidates were asked to clarify if they agreed on the dangers of nuclear proliferation. Bush responded, “In the hands of terrorists.” I thought that Kerry’s response would have been stronger had he pointed out that this is a fundamental difference between he and Bush, as Kerry does not limit the danger to only terrorists.

In other news, John Eisenhower has changed his registration from Republican to Independent and will vote for Kerry. Eisenhower, the son of Dwight D. and a lifelong Republican, says that, rather than his own views changing, the GOP has left its own values behind. The article is an interesting read!

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