Knitting by Judy @ 4:47 PM

Had a great time at Knitflix last night! About 25 knitters showed up, and it was really fun to be in a room with so many people enjoying a movie, a beer (some of us) and the soft sound of needles clacking. The movie was hokey, but had some cute one-liners and I’ve always been fond of the scene where Fred Astaire dances on the walls and ceiling. The lights could have been a little brighter where I was sitting, but I did managed to make some progress on E’s socks.

Note to self: Next time I’m going knitting in the semi-dark, it would be a good idea to take a project that’s worked on needles larger than US #1.

After the movie several of us gathered at Mable’s Cafe for coffee and pie. That peach pie looked really good, but I restrained myself, having already indulged in a hot dog for dinner.

E’s socks, which have progressed about 2″ past the heel, were passed around the table to some nice comments. Usually I’m the one asking, “How’d you do that?” So it was fun to have others ask me about my technique and share ideas and such.

I’m hoping that Knitflix becomes a regular event.

Tonights it’s Charlie And The Chocolate Factory with #1 Son, and tomorrow dinner with L. And then my social life should go back to its normal quiet little rut.

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