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It was a nice weekend. Beautiful weather, although a little hot for my taste. Had fun with friends, did a little yard work, and #1 Son dropped by for a visit (most of which he spent sleeping in my rocking chair).

On the knitting front, I’ve dropped 8 stitches now on Clapotis, so I’m past the 1/2-way mark and on the home stretch. I’m very pleased with how it looks and its progress.

I’ve knit about 1/2 of a new tote bag. I know I said I’d wait until other projects were complete, but I just couldn’t resist. I wanted to start at the bottom and work up, and I wanted it to be in a basket-weave pattern (k 1 rnd, k3,p5 for 4 rnds, k 1 rnd, p5,k3 for 4 rnds, more or less). The interesting problem, of course, was how to do the increases for the bottom while keeping the basket-weave look going. I ended up doing the bottom rather like a pinwheel, and doing the increases so they worked into the pattern. I think it came out pretty cool looking. I’ve gone a little way up the side of the tote, and I’m pleased with the look. It will need to be lined, but I have some of the Lycra left that I used to line the Red Tote Bag and it will do nicely.

To assuage my guilt, I worked about 2″ on E’s lace socks. I’m almost ready to start the gusset increases. They’re going to be really pretty socks, and #1 Son says that they are “her” and she will love them. I just need to get them finished. Yeah… I know.

Do you have projects going that you just can’t seem to push yourself to complete? How do you get over the reluctance hump and get those puppies done?

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