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With an optimistic leap of faith that this year will be better (or at least no worse) than last year, I decided that it makes more sense to hand down my 6-year-old Outback to #1 son and get something new for myself than it does to buy another used car for said son. Two used cars would mean twice the risk of high bills for icky broken things. And maybe its time that I actually give up a car before someone hits me and totals it (the fate of my last two prior vehicles, at 8 and 12 year of age respectfully).

So today I test-drove a Prius. And now I want one. And I want it now.

#1 son and I both like it because it’s a hybrid. And I like it because of the sheer number of quirkly buttons and controls and such. There are something like 11 separate controls mounted on the steering wheel. It’s not so much started as booted up. It’s truly a geek-mobile.

There’s a long, long waiting list. Up to 10 months, they’re telling me. I’m willing to be fairly flexible as to color, so I’m hoping it won’t be that long.

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