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finished socks

I’ve finished my first pair of socks in… oh… 30 years or so. Gosh, I hate to admit how long it’s been!

But, here’s the proof in living color. Click on the pic to embiggen.

Sock # 2 is on the top. It’s pretty obvious that my technique improved after sock # 1. 😆 These haven’t been blocked yet. That’s because, what with the cold weather and all, as soon as I’d finished them they went on my feet. They’re warm and cozy and will be great for kicking around the house in.

The next project is another pair of socks, this pair in an alpaca wool in off-white and dark purple (striped). These are meant as a gift for a friend with cold feet that I’d meant the failed felt experiment for.

And, after that, my version of the sock scarf!

The picture, by the way, was taken with the socks laying on the wrong side of a quilt that’s on my bed. It was made by my Great Aunt and around 100 years old. It’s batted with wool from their own sheep.

Miscellaneous Musing by Judy @ 12:53 PM

After being struck by a storm of porn spam trackbacks and pingbacks last night, I have closed trackbacks and pingbacks on all PI posts.

It sucks, because after all that’s what the blogosphere is all about. But until I can find an automated way of keeping that junk off of the posts, I can’t allow it to happen again.

It was some pretty foul stuff. I feel like the whole site needs a good scrubbing now. Yuck.

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