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What a week. Four-day work weeks always seem long, for some reason. Maybe because I usually have to try to fit 5 days worth of stuff in?

When I crawled exhausted into bed last night I found a wet spot courtesy of one of the cats and ended up doing laundry at midnight. None of them ‘fessed up, but I suspect Phoebe since that’s her usual reaction when she is pissed at me about something. What I can’t figure out is why she would be pissed. But, at least she missed the pillows this time. And thank god for my extra-large front-loading washing machine, which will actually do my matress pad, both sheets and my quilt (all queen sized) in one load. I had a hard time justifying the expense when I bought it, but it’s been worth every single penny.

On the craft front, I have more projects than I can shake a stick at.

My friend M asked me to add her stepdaughter’s name to a Christmas Stocking, and I foolishly decided that, instead of quickly embroidering it in stem stitch, I’d get fancy and hand-sew gold ribbon on. There are 6 letters in the name, and M wants it on both sides. By next Saturday.

I still have 16 wreaths to crochet by 12/20 or so.

I showed K my first attempt at handmade felt awhile back, and she commented that she’d love to have a throw made from it. And I fully intended to do that. But obviously that’s not going to happen this year by Christmas. So I am making her booties instead because her feet and ankles get cold at night. At least that shouldn’t take too long.

Next week, I’m hoping, will be better.

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