News Of The Weird by Judy @ 4:33 PM

People have different responses to the end of a relationship. Steven Coleman’s is very different.

Steven Coleman is certainly upset with his ex girfriend. Not knowing the circumstances surrounding their break-up, it’s hard to know exactly why he is so unhappy with her. But the strength of his emotion is evident.

Apparently motivated by a desire to share his unhappiness with his ex, Coleman threw two Molotov cocktails at her Dover, NH, apartment building last Saturday night. The home-made bombs — made from gasoline-filled Budweiser bottles plugged with rags — did little damage, since it appears he forgot to light the fuses. But one of them did break, sending fumes into nearby apartments and causing two residents to seek treatment for breathing problems.

Concerned with making a clean getaway after the attempted bombing, Coleman jumped on what I assume was the closest available transport: A lawnmower. Dover police were contacted and began a brief slow-speed chase.

Quoth Dover prosecutor George Wattendorf:

[At one point during the chase, Coleman] turned around and looked directly at [a police cruiser]. Coleman appeared calm as he was smoking a cigarette.

Perhaps he meant to use the cigarette to light the Molotov cocktails, but that little detail escaped him?

Capture by police was a slightly larger detail that Coleman did not escape. The police officers finally got out of their car and walked towards him. Coleman turned himself in, claiming that he had just come from a convenience store. He was arraigned Monday on charges of criminal trespass, attempted arson, and resisting arrest. He could get up to 31 years if convicted on all charges.

Think of the marketing possibilities for Budweiser and the makers of the mower:

— This Bud’s for you… and your ex.
— Budweiser, the King of Molotov.

What ad campaigns can you think of?

Miscellaneous Musing by Judy @ 7:11 AM

As you may remember, #1 (and only) Son is now a working stiff, having snagged a gig washing dishes at a local sushi place.

After reading my blog last night, his advice to me is to learn to suck up better to the right people.

OK… After 35 years in the working world, I guess I haven’t figured that out yet. 😀

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