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Sometimes a particular skein of yarn just doesn’t want to be knit in the pattern that one had planned. I don’t know why this is so, but I know from experience that it is. And I know that trying to force the yarn to conform to a pattern it obviously doesn’t want to be knit in is an exercise in both futility and frustration.

It doesn’t pay to argue with the yarn.

After frogging out the Socktober Socks #1 toes for the gazillionth time, I looked at the poor, tattered shreds of toe yarn that remained and said to myself, Self, you need to try something else. The yarn is not happy.

Since I always sometimes listen to my own advice, I started knitting my standard, no-frills, this is a sock toe without rules, sock toe. Two of them, of course.

The yarn is now happily winding itself around my needles, without complaint and without argument. I don’t know what I’ll do when I reach the foot. I’m totally winging it.

I’m hoping that the yarn tells me what it wants before I end up frogging the foot out a gazillion times, too. (Maybe I should put in a lifeline at the top of the toe, eh?)

I have no pictures. The % completed on SS#1 has not change.

I have 9 days left to finish these socks.

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