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On the way home last night, # 1 son informed me that not only did I fail to successfully schmooze with the right people, I wasn’t stylin’ either. If I want to get ahead in my career, then according to #1 Son I needed a few obvious additions to my wardrobe.

There followed a safari to Meier & Frank at Washington Square in search of what he insisted are my most pressing needs: (1) the perfect button-down shirt, (2) the perfect black jacket and (3) the perfect necktie, all to combine with black slacks I already had at home.

I usually hate going to malls during the holidays. But either we were there at just the right time of day or this shopping season is not going as well as the merchants would hope, because we had no trouble finding a parking place reasonably close. Nor did we have to fight our way through the racks of clothes or wait in line for hours to use a dressing room. There were shoppers there, but it wasn’t crowded. And there was an awesome sale going on.

I have to admit that #1 Son is a lot of fun to shop with. He’s relatively patient and also very honest, with comments like: That looks good, try that on. and I’m not seeing that, mom, but it might be worth a try. and No. That’s ugly and will look terrible on you. Plus pointers on what I needed to be really stylin’.

Honesty is a good thing.

I ended up with a white shirt — not button down, but a good shirt nonetheless — the perfect black jacket, a great peach and blue striped shirt, a black sweater and a long, black sweater coat sort of thing. Upstairs #1 Son suggested a black and purple tie in a geometric pattern. What with the sale and a coupon that was available at the register, the prices were really, really good. ($50 shirt for $9 — yep that’s not a typo — nine dollars. I love sales.)

This morning I looked really, really stylin’, oh yes I did. 😆 And new clothes are such an ego-boost.

Now I need to find the perfect pair of amethyst earrings to go with that tie…

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