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Enjoy good food, but worried about the risk of cardiovascular disease? The Polymeal could be just the diet for you!

Dr Oscar Franco, a public health expert at the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands, decided to combine in one meal the foods that have been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Using a mathmatical model to determine the optimum combination and proportion of ingredients, Franco and his team came up with what they consider the best meal. The results of eating this meal, combined with non-smoking and exercise: For men, an additional 6.6 years added to their average lifespan plus a 9-year delay in the onset of heart disease. Women could live 5 years longer and delay heart disease by about 8 years.

And what is the Polymeal? Wine, dark chocolate, fruit and vegetables, garlic and almonds eaten daily, plus fish eaten 4 times a week.

The article addes that wine and chocolate should be consumed in moderation. But… I suggest eliminating the fruit, vegetables, garlic, almonds and fish.

Just go for the good stuff.

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Suite Vollard Exterior

What if your apartment commanded a 360-degree view, and you never had to move from your favorite chair in order to take it all in? If you lived in Suite Vollard in Curitiba, Brazil, that’s exactly what you could do.

Suite Vollard is a new 11-story apartment building in eco-friendly Curitiba. Each floor is a single, 3000-sq-ft, $300,000 apartment. And each floor rotates independently through a full 360 degrees. Think of the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, except its every floor that rotates, not just the top of the building. The floors can rotate in either direction and at varying speeds. “Slow” speed gets you around the full circle in about an hour.

Each floor is faced in four different colors of glass: Silver, green, bronze and blue. As the floors turn independently of each other, different effects on the facade of the building are created by the changing colors.

Suite Vollard interior

The central part of the building, which houses the kitchen, bathroom, and other utilities does not turn. Lights, air conditioning and the revolving can be turned on and off via a control panel, a remote control or verbally.

The building is located in a residential neighborhood of Curitiba called Ecoville. The tower was the latest addition to Curitiba’s cutting-edge urban planning, which includes a much-copied transit system.

Suite Vollard is the world’s only revolving building. And I think it’s pretty cool. Considering what you get, $300K for 3000 square feet seems like a fairly reasonable price. I hesitate to even guess what these apartments would go for here in Stumptown.

Click on the pics to embiggen. More pictures are available here.

Mom’s take on Suite Vollard:

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