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I’m going to attempt to make Weird Wednesday a regular or semi-regular feature, beginning today with this news from the cell-phone world.

What do you do with those millions of cell phones and cell phone covers that are thrown out each year in favor of new models? Some, of course, find a home with agencies that accept old cell phones and either recycle or refurbish them. But a lot of phones and covers are simply thrown out and find their way into landfills or other dumps.

But what if you could plant your phone in your garden, and have a flower sprout?

British researchers at the University of Warwick in central England have designed a biodegradable phone cover that breaks down in soil and grows a flower from an embedded seed.

Quoth Kerry Kirwan of the University of Warwick:

It’s a real novelty in the phone industry and consumers are happy because they feel they are doing something for the local environment. We put sunflower seeds into the prototype covers, but we are working with horticultural researchers to identify which other flowers would perform best. Maybe we could put poppies or roses next time.

The designers are quick to reassure users that the seed will not sprout until the cover is discarded. (Imagine the conversations that might result otherwise… I’m sorry, I need to hang up now. What the HELL is that thing poking my ear.)

The covers are expected to hit the market next year, for an unspecified cost.

While it doesn’t address the issue of what to do with the phone innards, I think it’s kinda cool. And just imagine the snob appeal of having, say, a Venus’ Flytrap or Bird Of Paradise phone cover versus pansy or daisy or gladiolus. I can’t wait to see the ads for this one!

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