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Day # 1 was a travel day. I’ve already written about the joys of trying to get a bullet belt through airport security, so I won’t belabor that point.

Once we arrived at John Wayne Airport (aka Orange County) we proceeded to the shuttle stop and let the person there know what hotel we were going to. A shuttle arrived right away and we climbed in. We waited for a few minutes while our driver took a break. After a bit, a man and a woman who where apparently traveling together for business got on board.

We waited longer.

I don’t know if our driver just wanted a really long break or if the shuttle company wanted a full load. I didn’t really care, as I wasn’t in a big hurry to get anywhere. The other woman, however, got pretty antsy pretty quickly. She kept saying things like, “OK, let’s go!” and “any time now,” etc. She finally climbed over her companion and yelled at the driver, “Is this thing going to leave this year or what? We have important stuff to do!”

She was in a hurry, I guess.

I thought she’d be pissed when the driver let us off first, and I was now a little annoyed at her, I prepared to make some smart-ass remark like I guess we’re more important. But instead she smiled at me and said, “What a beautiful hotel! Maybe we should stay here instead of where we’re going.” I told her to have a nice stay, where ever that was.

I have to admit that Hotel California was going through my head our entire stay (alternating with The World Is A Carousel Of Color). But the Disney Grand Californian is, truly, a marvelous hotel. It’s all Arts & Crafts style, with a huge, many-story lobby in the center that has a walk-in, sit-in hearth to one side. There’s lots of inlaid marble and (probably fake) wooden beams.

This is embarassing, but I had a hard time finding the front door. It’s a huge pair of stained-glass, sliding doors that depict California scenes (or I assume that’s what it is). From the outside during the day, the glass looks like an inlaid mural. I almost walked in a “cast members only” door. #1 Son said, “where the hell is the door?” I answered with a shrug and started walking back the other way along the outside. I was actually startled when we walked near it and the doors slid open. From the inside, with the light shining through, it’s easier to see what it is.

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