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I’d asked the Front Desk for a wake-up call on Day #3, but for some reason it didn’t come. I hadn’t set the alarm clock, either. But fortunately I heard the tap-tap-tap of Room Service bringing our breakfast.

The breakfast menu included a fruit plate with cottage cheese. That sounded pretty good to both #1 Son and I, so I ordered 2. I also requested some plain yogurt and a pot of coffee. I was expecting 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and maybe a melon slice or two and a small muffin. What I got was a cup of cottage cheese and several slices of different types of melons plus strawberries and grapes and two big slices of banana bread. The kitchen didn’t have any plain yogurt, so they sent up 3 different flavors, just in case one would tickle my fancy. One fruit plate would have been enough for both of us. Two was an embarrassment of riches. That meal was definitely the best value we had anywhere.
Mom’s take on room-service breakfast: for tons of fresh fruit, yummy banana bread, and the kitchen’s willingness to please.

After breakfast we caught the tour bus to the tour terminal, where we transfered to our tour bus. The bus was about 3/4 full, and our fellow tourists were a mix of Brits and Aussies, with one family from California and one family from Japan. The Japanese couple brought an infant and a toddler with them, much to the displeasure of the rest of us. The kids cried and fussed through the whole tour. (Note to other potential tourists: Leave the kids at home until they’re old enough to be interested in the tour.)

Our driver was a Hispanic American who had been driving tour buses for 30 years and had it down pat. I thought he was really funny, but apparently his humor was lost on our friends from across the pond. He was also fond of telling us about tragedies (that’s where they found John Belushi’s body, that’s where River Phoenix collapsed, a woman jumped off the Hollywood sign, etc.).

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