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#1 Son wearing his bullet belt at Santa Monica Pier

I love vacations. I love to travel. The only thing I really hate about travelling is airport security. I wouldn’t mind if they were reasonable. But they so seldom are.

#1 Son likes to travel, too. And going through airport security with a kid who looks like a punk is always an interesting journey. I still remember that first trip to Vegas, when #1 Son had his flaming red ‘hawk and yards of chains and leather. PDX security kept me busy by searching my carry-on. The were actually starting to strip search #1 Son — I heard the guard say, “OK, take off your pants,” — when I left the search line, ran over to where #1 Son was and said what the hell are you doing with my kid? (I still don’t think that strip-searching a minor without parental permission is legal.) At which point they backed down and let both of us go. On that trip we left Vegas early in the morning and the security guy was almost asleep, so getting back was no sweat.

Last Christmas on the annual trip to Vegas airport security was OK both directions. Despite the fact that Vegas was under a “hightened terrorist level” watch. #1 Son dumped his chains, bullet belt, etc., into one of the bins, security glanced at it, and we were on our way. We had no problems either coming or going. I think it lulled me into a false sense of normalacy. But I digress…

Summer vacation. Disneyland! I figure it’s my last chance to go until I have grandkids to take. Disney Travel has a “buy three nights get one free” deal at the Grand Californian, a hotel I’ve been dying to stay at. So I plan a little holiday with a bus tour of LA one day in the middle. On Sunday, #1 Son and I dropped the fur-kids off at the Cat B&B and headed for the airport. And thus began the saga of Airport Security — an E-ticket ride if I’ve every had one.

And, just for the record, #1 Son and I were 100% cooperative at all times, never raised our voices, never argued, and were always polite.

The portents at the start of our venture were good. The kids got their own room at the Cat B&B and the staff promised to tempt Kidd with baby food Turkey if he did his usual whack-job number and refused to eat. In airport economy parking, we found a place right next to the first shuttle kiosk. I already had our boarding passes (on-line check in), and we had plenty of time to catch the flight. It was a good thing… we needed it.

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