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Moose Creek progress
With all of the distraction of moebii, I haven’t done a lot on the Moose Creek socks, but you can see that they are moving along. I have managed to knit my way up to the gussets. I have about two more increase rows to go before turning the heel.

I think about two more. These socks are slightly off my normal gauge and I haven’t bothered to do the math yet.

You will remember, gentle reader, that I started these socks just before the Magical Moebius Festival, where all thought of this pair was banished from my mind, to be replaced by the lovely moebius and other, very cool, socks.

Not that these socks aren’t cool. I love the way that this little lace pattern (the repeat is only 6 stitches by 8 rows) is knitting up. The outside is all textured and bumpy and cushy.

Elephant or Owl?

When I first started, I mentioned that Barbara Walker thought the wrong side of this pattern resembled little elephants. I wasn’t so sure, but I hadn’t gotten very far yet.

The left side of the picture is the inside or wrong side. I can see the little elephants now, the lines of knit stitches making their little trunks. Cute little guys, eh?

But on the right side, I still don’t see elephants. The right side looks to me like so many little owlets, peeping out with their wide eyes framed by feathers, each standing on the head of the little owlet below. Can you see that? (be sure to click on the picture for a closer look)

Please tell me I’m not the only one who looks for animals in stitch patterns. 😆

I hope you can see the stitch pattern well enought to see the little animals. I’m finding this yarn very difficult to get good close-ups of. The top picture, with the socks reclining in my little boat basket (that’s what I call it), is pretty close to the actual color. Dark. Dark and rich. Dark chocolate with little touches of milk chocolate and a bit of midnight blue.

If I had one of those amazing, bazillion-pixel cameras with close-up lenses and all, I could probably get a better picture. But then I couldn’t carry my camera around in my purse and madly snap picture everywhere I go. It’s a trade-off.

Note to everyone: I cannot write about the horror at Virginia Tech. My heart goes out to the families and friends of all those involved.

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