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Moose Creek toes

The light was good this morning so I made an attempt to photograph the Moose Creek socks. This was as good as I could get. The colors in this are too light. It’s really a rich, dark blend of chocolates and purples, with a very dark teal and some golds. But it has to be this light to even attempt to show the lace.

The lace pattern I’ve chosen is Hourglass Eyelet from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (the first one). It’s a fairly simple pattern with a 6-stitch/8-row repeat (actually 4 rows, but two of them are repeated multiple times). This book has only written pattern instructions. I charted this pattern and modified it to work it in the round vs. flat.

Lace, of course, needs to be blocked in order to be shown to it’s fullest advantage. I tried stretching the toes on my sock blockers, but I couldn’t get enough length to really stretch the pattern out. I’m not sure what it will look like on my foot — maybe it will be bumpy and honeycomb-ish. It’s very springy on the needles.

hourglass eyelet pattern

Barbara Walker asserts that the back side of this pattern reminds her of baby elephants. I’m not seeing it. But I may take a picture when I get a little further along and see what y’all think.

TutleyMutley knit the Snake River Socks and found a few… dare we say it… challenging places where the pattern didn’t quite match the actual finished product. Oops.

Since she has kindly shared what she found, I felt it only fair to update the pattern and remove the errata. If you downloaded the pattern before today, please download a new copy so that you have the latest version.

Or, you could just fake it. I’m not opposed to that, either.

Tomorrow I take off for the Oregon coast for several days of fun and knitting with Cat Bordhi. I can’t wait! Keep the home fires burning and I will return.

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