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Victoria Socks

Here are the Victoria Socks, posing amongst my fuchsia.

The flowers are there to distract you from noticing that very little has been accomplished on them. What’s that you say, gentle reader? You noticed? yeah…

Well… I did stop to complete the Secret Project. It’s all finished and will be delivered to the intended recipient soon, after which I can display it for the world to see. I’m quite taken with it, actually.

The Secret Project was completed on Sunday. Since then I’ve been completely slammed at work. In fact, I haven’t been able to even get a decent picture of the Secret Project because I’m not home often when it’s light. The whole work thing is putting a serious dent in my knitting time. I keep reminding myself that it does pay for my yarn habit.

The Vic Socks are are actually a lot greener than this picture shows. My camera tends to make picture overly blue (I believe this is so that snapshots have those vivid blue skies that people adore). On cloudy days when I forget to tell the camera that it’s really cloudy, then some objects become extra blue, perhaps to go with the depressing drizzle. That’s what happened to the socks. But trust me, the yarn is a lovely, lovely green. Really.

Thank you to everyone for the B-Day wishes. I really try hard to ignore birthdays. I think I’m too old to have them any more. Maybe I should have scheduled un-birthdays, and P can bring her amazing cheese cake. Yeah… that’s the ticket.

Shelly — Dancing at Jeeps… 😆 Seriously, though, what a small world it is! Who’da thunk it! I bet we’ve driven many of the same back roads. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

Everyone, visit Shelly. She has the cutest new little bunnies! Tell her to get better while your over there.

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