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Being a parent can be tough. It would be so much easier if offspring came with user manuals or some kind of documentation. And not the kind that was translated badly by people who weren’t really on speaking terms with either the original language or English. But a good manual. The kind where there’s an extensive index in the back, and you just need to look up something like clean bedroom, how to enforce without battle and find all the answers. Wouldn’t that be handy?

I will never, ever claim to be the best parent in the world. But I have to admit that I did somehow bumble around and manage to do a couple of things adequately. For example, I raised my son to be a hard working, responsible member of society. And in return for that, I got a son who is now working in a small, locally owned…


… specializing in handcrafted breads, pies and pastries made from local, farm-fresh ingredients. Just think of the possibilities, there. I mean… did I do something right here or what?

Yesterday #1 Son called. He’d locked his keys in his car. Could I come by and let him borrow my keys? (It’s so nice to know he still needs his mom every now and then.) I could and did. The bakery was officially closed. But did I want a little something to take home with me?

And that, gentle readers, was how I scored a shaved-very-thin, piled high ham-and-cheese sandwich on a wonderful French roll along with a (get this) cheesecake tart. That’s right. Cheesecake.

Have you caught on that I’m rather fond of cheesecake? I should have take a picture of it, because it was lovely. But, alas, I ate it. 😆

Not much knitting has happened due to other meaningless pursuits like work that are taking up all of my good knitting time.

Those of you who guessed that the Mudstone sock cuffs were shadow or illusion knitting were indeed correct. I didn’t like the way it was coming out. It occurred to me that I was knitting the colors backwards, so that it was easier to read from the foot up rather than from the top down. Reasoning that not many people would be looking at my socks from the ground up (I’m so sharp), I frogged it out and started over. It’s better this time. But I don’t think I’ll reveal what it is until I get it finished. (It’s not a ship’s anchor.)

If it still comes out wonky and hard to decipher, then I’ll just say that Dave was correct and it’s “purl as you can.” In fact, from now on I think that if I’m knitting something that I’m not sure what it is, I’ll just ask the general public and pick the answer that sounds right.

I threw all of the names of the correct guessers into a hat and Kat’s name was drawn. So, Kat, if you will email me your snail mail address I’ll reach into my stash and find something fun to send your way.

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