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STR in Mist

I am not a pink person. I’m just not. I can look at pink objects and see how others — you know who you are — would like them. I’ve been known to knit pink objects for friends who are pinkaholics. But I’m just not a pink person myself.

That rule very nearly went out the window today as I, for the bazillionth time, lusted after admired the Socks That Rock in colorway Mist. I picked it up from Tangle’s window this afternoon and fondled it. There’s something about pink and brown together that I really do like. Pink and brown and raspberry and…

And I set the yarn down, backed carefully away, and sat down on the other side of the store to finish the last few rows of the Lapis socks.

I know what you’re thinking. That yarn in the picture was too strong for me and I was forced to buy it and bring it home. Not true! I was saved by the good graces of Lori Rode. Those two skeins went home with her. But isn’t it beautiful? I had to share a picture so you could see why a non-pink person would be so temped!

Yeah, yeah… I know. I have such a dearth of sock yarn. But that doesn’t mean I don’t hear it calling to me…

Sarah Elizabeth asks:

That yarn is BEAUTIFUL, what is it?

Hi, Sarah Elizabeth. The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Candy in colorway Lapis. It’s the cotton cousin to Socks That Rock. The colors are a lot better in person. I’ll try to get better pics with the finished socks.

I’m known as jabecker on Extreme Tech, but I rarely post there any more.

Adriana opines:

I LOVE those socks! I can’t wait until you post the pattern. I think I’ll do the foot of my sock in 2×2 rib so hopefully I’ll get to the leg around when you post the pattern (no pressure though 😆 )

Thank you, Adriana! The socks are finished, and blocking even as we speak. I plan to have the pattern up tomorrow. Or at least within the next few days. If you start with the 2×2 rib, you should be fine. Just make sure that the total number of stitches is evenly divisible by 8.

Kristie asks:

I love your magic cast-on, but I’m unable to figure out how far up my foot to knit before I start the heel section. I’ve only knit 3 pairs of socks though (I’m a self-taught knitter).

I’m also knitting a pair of socks from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It has got to be some of the most beautifully dyed yarn I’ve ever seen.

Also, who made your sock forms? I’d love to get some for blocking since I’ve finally decided I like making socks.

Hi, Kristie! If you are knitting a traditional flap-and-gusset heel toe-up, my rule of thumb is that when you are finished with the gusset increases and are ready to turn the heel the sock should be long enough to reach about the back of your ankle bones. To know when to start the gusset increases, measure your row gauge on the foot, figure out the length of the gusset increases, and subtract that from the toe-to-ankle bone measurement. For example, let’s say the length of your foot from toe to the back of your ankle bone is 8″, you are knitting 12 rows/inch, and the pattern calls for 16 gusset rows (that’s 8 increases on each side, worked every other row). The gussets will be about 1-1/3″ long (16 rows divided by 12 rows/inch). So you should start the gussets when your sock is about 6-2/3″ long (8″ minus the length of the gussets). If you finish the gusset increases and the sock is still too short, you can always knit a few extra rows and it won’t look weird.

My sock blockers are made by Fibertrends. I purchased them at a local yarn shop. You can also make some pretty nifty ones out of wire coat hangers. I don’t have the link for it handy, but if you google sock blockers you should find it.

Good on you for being a self-taught knitter! That’s very cool. Have you been knitting long?

A new knitter in the form of a teenager was born today at Tangle. That’s always so fun to watch! Such enthusiasm!

I have a new pair of socks on the needles now. I’m combining STR in Stonewash (a faded denim blue) and Mudslide (shades of brown). I will post a pic when they get further along.

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