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Alice comments:

The red socks look great!!! Really nice in that yarn, do you think it is the solid color or the twist before and after the drop stitch.

Alice, I think it’s mostly the twist and the cotton yarn. I’m going to do the pattern in the Sock Candy that’s on my needles now to check. But the twist helped a lot. I think it will still be cute in multi-colored yarn. And, yes, I do think your next project should be this!

Since others might be confused by Alice’s comment, I’ll just say that Alice has seen a less-successful rendition of this same pattern. (Most things I admit to on here. But not all.)

Becky asks:

Can I ask what pattern you used for these and what size needle? I have two balls of red fixation that I might like to try your sock with! Would you have had enough to do the heels in red too you think? Thanks. They turned out beautifully!

The pattern is my own, and it should be up here as a freebie just as soon as I can get another pair knit (it’s really supposed to be made with Blue Moon yarn). I don’t have much knitting time right now, so that might be a couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience.

The pattern did work great in Fixation. I used US#3 needles — but I tend to knit fairly tightly. The socks were knit for someone with small feet. But I had tons of yarn left over. I think I could have knit a pair in a medium size that were all red and still had plenty of yarn.

Kathy opines:

Yikes, it’s been hot!

Yes, it has! I’m not an over-90-degree person so I have not been liking this at all. But today I much, much better!

I understand that you are a recent Portland resident. Welcome! And, never fear, we only get about two weeks of this a year. The winters, though… You do know about the winters?

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