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red and black Fixation socks

It’s 100 degrees here in Portland. It was close to 100 on Saturday, it was 100 yesterday, it will be 100 today. I have no air conditioner. Usually I don’t miss it. There are only a couple of weeks every year that it’s useful. But, this is one of them. My house will stay cool for one day and part of another. But by the end of the second 100-degree day, my house is only marginally cooler inside than out. And then it takes a good solid week of lower-than-80-degree days to get cooled down.

You can see that the red Fixation socks are finished. Cute, aren’t they? I’m really pleased with the way they came out. I hope that the intended recipient is as pleased! In the picture I show them baking in my back yard. At 9:00 PM, it was still 94.

I don’t like heat.

And that’s why I’m not knitting wool socks. The Rainbow stranded socks, to be specific. They are glaring balefully at me from inside my knitting bag.

I had planned to take the Key West Sock Candy to Tangle on Saturday and wind it up. I forgot to put it in my bag. So what was I to do? Mysteriously, I found that some Sock Candy in Lapis had somehow wound itself into balls and fallen into my bag. Go figure.

So I started a pair of socks in the Lapis last night. I’m barely up the toes so nothing to show yet.

I love all of the Blue Moon yarns, but I think my stash is sufficiently enhanced now, and I must start to show some restraint when it starts calling to me from Tangle’s window.

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