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Well, not really stewing. It’s too warm for stew. Scattered might be a better term. Too many things going on all at once.

My Sockapaloooza recipient, Lynne, received her socks yesterday. And they fit! Yea!

Well… OK, I know that means I will never get them back. But that’s OK. I know they’ve gone to a good home where they will be loved and worn.

Sock Pal tells me that my socks will be on their way to me as soon as they dry from their bath. And Sock Pal give no hints on who she is or which socks. NO. Hints. That means I would have to go through all of the entire huge list of participants to see which ones haven’t been mailed yet… Nah… I think I’ll be good and wait.

This is so fun! I can’t wait until the socks get here. I know I’m going to love them. (Don’t worry, Sock Pal. I’m really very easily pleased and usually sometimes patient.)

Julie asks

I love the Tipsy Knitter socks – where does that pattern come from?

The stitch pattern is called Tipsy Knitter in the Socks Socks Socks book and Tilting Ladders in Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I’m not really following the pattern in Socks Socks Socks, although I admit to being inspired by it. I’m using the stitch pattern with my standard no-pattern toe-up sock. It’s a stitch pattern that can pretty much be knit either top down or toe up and look the same.

#1 Son called last night from Anchorage. They will be in Anchorage today and tonight, and then travel to Soldotna tomorrow.

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