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Last night I had a choice between turning the heels on Tipsy Knitter socks or winding a couple of balls of yarn for the incrementally-growing green sweater. Which would you do?

I turned heels.

I vote for cables, said Alice, nonchalantly. Cables it is, said I.

Last night I turned the first heel. I cabled the heel flap. I was not happy with it. (I have no pictures. If you’d seen it, you’d know why.)

Since the heel was turned, I tried the sock on. It didn’t fit. It was huge. Huge.

I almost ripped both socks completely out. Almost. But one of my two remaining brain cells suggested that maybe that wasn’t really a decision I should be making at oh-dark-30. After all, I liked the way the pattern was knitting up. Maybe I should reassess by the cold light of dawn. Maybe, if they just wouldn’t fit me, I could gift them to a bigger-footed friend.

I left all as was and went to bed.

By the cold light of dawn, I reassessed the sock. While it’s true that the toe has more width than I would prefer, the arch and the heel fit pretty well. The ankle seems to fit. The length is OK. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it appeared at midnight (isn’t that the way it always is?).

The heel still sucked.

Today I did something I rarely do — I charted the heel. Yeah, I know. Sometimes I have these ginormous “duh” moments. But I rarely chart anything — I just sort of wing it. After ripping the heel out twice, I decided winging it was, well, for the birds. (sorry, but I couldn’t resist) Heel chart in hand, I am embarking on the third attempt at a heel flap.

Yes, Alice, it’s cabled.

Pictures tomorrow if I get a decent result.

Little Cow has not come home. I tore the house apart again last night looking. Moo still insists she does not know where Little Cow wandered off to. It’s crazy, I tell you, crazy. My house is not that big. There no one there but me and three cats. I can’t even blame it on #1 Son. I can only assume that Little Cow has gone off to keep the missing single socks, disappearing pencils and vanishing hangers company.

Since I really liked Little Cow, I’m hoping that there’s another member of his herd willing to come home with me. This one is going to be locked in the barn.

#1 Son called today from Whitehorse. He sounded very tired. He was pretty sure they were leaving Whitehorse today, but not sure exactly where they were headed. I’m not too worried, since the general trend is South.

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