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#1 Son at the station

Bus stations are such interesting places in the middle of the night, aren’t they? You can see from the expression on #1 Son’s face that he certainly thinks so.

We sat in the waiting room with all of the other bus riders and those there to see them off. And we waited.

#1 Son is off to hook up with a band he is touring with. He started later than the rest of the tour because he needed to finish recording with his other band. He purchased his own bus ticket over the internet. I skipped reminding him that he always gives me a bad time when I do that. (Mom, why don’t you just go there and buy it? Why do you have to do everything on your computer?) It was he that chose a 12:15 AM departure time. Midnight bus stations being such fascinating places, and all.

I do not send him off without the proper equipment. See? Down on the floor between his right foot and the guitar case? Alpaca fair isle fingerless gloves. His hands, at least, will be warm.

#1 Son will be gone for almost a month. He will be back for about three weeks and then turn around to do it again.

My house is very quiet.

trillium in the rain

I have heard from him. He made it to his destination and hooked up with the rest of the tour. Tonight they play Sacramento.

It was very cold driving home from the bus station last night.

The garden thinks it is spring even though the weather has turned so cold and rainy. Even so, the trillium is trying to bloom.

Sometimes I think the garden looks only at the calendar. Other times I am sure it is the warmth or the returning light. I hear the song birds out looking for dates. But it seems like a cold, wet world to bring little ones into. I want to tell them to wait a week, or maybe two.

I am knitting. I am working on a scarf pattern. Pics tomorrow if I get anything worked out that I like.

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