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cherry blossoms, yarn, and not much done on the toes

I love spring. It’s my favorite season. Spring and autumn. When the year changes. When the earth awakens. When it goes back to sleep.

Usually I am inspired by spring and autumn. Right now my cherries are blooming. The weatherman is predicting some sun for this afternoon (a rare Portland spring occurrence). And it’s supposed to be warm. Really warm. I should be inspired.

You can tell from this picture how inspired I am this year. Not a lot done on those toes, eh? I’ll have you know, that’s the 5th time I’ve started them. The yarn is starting to fuzz from being frogged. At one point I had the toes knit all the way to the end of the increases. But I just didn’t like them. So I frogged.

I know what I want to do in my head. But I haven’t managed to translate that into yarn yet. Since this pattern is for someone else and it will be released into the wild for others to knit, I want my ideas to spill forth through the yarn into easily-duplicated instructions.


I really love the yarn, though. It’s not the yarn. This is Socks That Rock in Alina. The yarn is gorgeous. Look at the colors! (click the pic for the bigger version) Couldn’t you just eat that yarn, it’s so yummy? There were a couple of birds eying it speculatively while I took this picture. If I were a baby bird, a nest lined with STR would be the lap of luxury indeed.

I just love STR. One of my best friends lives in Scappoose, home of Blue Moon Fiber Arts. My friend doesn’t knit. She knows how, she just doesn’t. Can you imagine? I love her dearly nonetheless.

I will keep reporting on the progress of this project, but there probably won’t be many more pictures because, well… it’s a suprise, don’t you know.

Thank you to all of the visitors for your kind remarks. If you try out the Magic Cast On let me know how it goes!

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