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Ever notice how cables really draw in the fabric you are knitting?

Ever notice how yarns with high silk content just don’t have that much give?

Ever notice how Alpaca just isn’t as springy as wool?

Ever notice how that sock I just completed the foot of fits pretty darn well with only 1/2 cabled?

Do you see, gentle reader, where I’m going?

Oh, yeah… I turned the cables on the ankles for the first time, and suddenly the socks stopped making it easily over my heel. Oops.

I figured my choices are:

1) Frog them all out and start over with larger needles and/or a different pattern.
2) Try larger needles on the ankles and see if that makes enough difference.
3) Add a third purl stitch between each cable (8 stitches total).
4) Put a lace panel between the cables.

I threw out #4 right away because I think it would look weird if the lace was on the ankles but not between the cables on the feet.

I probably should have gone with #1, but May approacheth and I have many other projects screaming for attention.

So I went with both #2 and #3. I’m just about to turn the cables for the first time (again) on the ankles. Keep your fingers crossed.

I’m also open to other suggestions. I want these socks to be nice for my sock pal. I also want them to be actually wearable!

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