Sockapaloooza by Judy @ 8:02 AM
sockapaloooza sock pal toes

Since #1 Son released me from the need to have four cupcake hats completed by today, I went back to working on my Sockapaloooza pal’s socks. I really should get these finished, or at least far enough along to tell if they will fit, before starting a bunch of other projects. (Yeah. I know. Like that’s gonna happen. I can see you rolling your eyes out there.)

The pattern for these socks was fairly vague about gauge. It offered suggestions for the number of rows per inch. But stitches per inch? Oh… whatever…

I do have the rows-per-inch gauge. The toes looked wide, but I think the cables are pulling the width in enough. Of course I’m knitting the things backwards, since I’m a toe-up person. It’s a top-down pattern. But cables are cables in either direction, right? The toes look long and pointy. But, if you look at the pattern picture, the toes there look sort of long and pointy, too. I tried them on, and so far it looks like they are just slightly wide on my skinny feet. So I think I’m good to go! [fingers crossed]

I really want these socks to be nice, since they’re going off to someone I don’t even know. Hopefully the wonderfulness of this fiber will help my pal to overlook any little flaws. (I’m not suggesting overlooking not fitting. That would be a big flaw!)

I’m finding it extraordinarily difficult to get a good pic of this yarn. Of course, if there were any light around here it might be easier. As it is, I’m stuck with a gray sky (and snow fall). This was the best I could get. But you can see how I’ve done the first cable. The needles, unfortunately unseen in this picture, are my brand new 3.0mm Suzanne ebonies. ooooo… ahhhhh… yum!

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