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sockapaloooza Beehive socks

Just to prove that I have been working on my Sockapaloooza Beehive socks, here’s the latest picture. Yes, I realize that they’re not as far along as one would wish. But after all I did stop to knit four cupcake hats and get ready for the sock class (a continuing effort).

This yarn is extraordinarily hard for my digital camera to handle. In real life it’s the most beautiful dark plum color. If I could take a picture on a day when we have sunshine, I might be able to capture it. But, on a cloudy spring morning, this was the best that I could do.

You can just see my new ebony Suzanne needles in the corner. I’m finding that I knit tighter with these needles than usual. Actually, I knit fairly tight anyway, so with the increased tightness my gauge is almost too tight. I tried these needles with wool first and found that they grabbed the wool too much. But with this slick alpaca/silk/cashmere blend they hold on just right.

I’m wondering if others also find that they knit tighter with these needles?

And, OK… the other reason that I’m not as far along as I could be…

Socks That Rock - Alina

My naked Inox grays were seduced by the dark side this lovely Blue Moon Socks That Rock in colorway Alina. Isn’t this yarn yummy?

It doesn’t look anything like I thought it would. In the skeins, it looks like there is more blue and green than yellow or orange. When I wound the balls on my trusty nostepinde (I’m a hand winder), I could see that it was actually more multicolored and bright than it had looked. The Socks That Rock repeats are so short that even on the toe rows the multiple colors blend beautifully. I can’t wait to see what this looks like once I’ve increased to the ends of the toes.

But I will wait, because I don’t want my sock pal to wait for the Beehive socks. I will have them done soon!

But I can’t wait to get back to the Alina. This yarn has a very special date with destiny!

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