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San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis announced at a news conference that the mystery of the chili finger’s origin has been solved. Police, and the rest of the world, were fairly certain that Anna Ayala hoaxed finding the finger in her bowl of Wendy’s chili. In fact, she’s been charged with attempted grand theft because of the sales that Wendy’s allegedly lost. Personally, I never eat Wendy’s chili anyway.

But the burning question in my mind has been: where did she get the thing? Human fingers can’t be picked up at Wal-Mart.

Wendy’s had received a tip on its $100,000 reward line, and apparently the tip panned out. A man who lives in Nevada lost the finger in an industrial accident. He gave the finger to Ayala’s husband, Jaime Plascencia. Test confirmed that the Nevada man was the finger’s original owner.

Now the remaining questions are: why did the man who lost the finger hand it over to Plascencia? Was Plascencia in on the hoax? Was the Nevada man in on it?

More info, please, Chief Davis!

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