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I read email today. Lots of email.

About 6 weeks ago some oh-so-necessary upgrade at work marked all of the email in my inbox unread.

Every day I scan through my email. Some email I can file or delete right away. Other stuff I need to keep handy so I leave it in the inbox marked red. Email I need to follow up on I leave in the inbox, marked unread so I can scan through and find it quickly.

I get a lot of email at work.

Thanks to the oh-so-necessary upgrade from hell, I ended up with 700 unread email messages in my inbox, with no idea of which ones were important and which weren’t; which needed follow-up, and which didn’t; which needed to be filed, and which needed to be deleted. 👿

I really tried valiantly to get through that mail. Really. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it down lower than around 430 unread messages. Email came in as fast as I could deal with it.

Then yesterday it was discovered that I’d missed a semi-important email that got thrown into the vast pool of unread. Oops. It was nothing that couldn’t be recovered from. But it gave me a little added incentive to get the rest cleared out.

After an extreme push, and by multi-tasking during teleconferences, I’ve managed to work my way down to 265 unread messages. I’m hoping to get my inbox cleared out by the end of the week.

If you work with me, I’m begging you… please stop sending me email! Thanks you.

On the knitting front, I managed to get about an inch done on #1 Son’s socks. I’m 1/2 way up the instep. I like the way the fabric feels. I don’t think they will be too hot to wear until the weather really heats up in August.

Question for the week: Why is it that my wavy hair can behave itself more or less during the winter when it’s raining constantly, but let us have a couple of dry days followed by a good rain and all of a sudden my hair acts as if humidity is a newly discovered experience and gets really, really, really big. Really big. Why?

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