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Other people in the world might have a quiet, leisurely morning. I’m not one of them. This is how my morning schedule (on weekdays) typically goes:

5:30 AM — wake up call (free with my voice mail service). I ignore this.

5:45 AM — alarm goes off. I ignore this.

5:50 AM — three cats (11 lbs, 12-1/2 lbs and 14 lbs respectively) start jumping up and down on top of me demanding breakfast. Pavlov’s dogs salivated at the ring of a bell. With my cats, it’s the alarm. I don’t ignore this.

5:55 AM — wake up #1 Son

5:57 AM — start the first pot of coffee (we have small pot)

6:00 AM — wake up #1 Son

6:02 AM — feed the cats

6:05 AM — wake up #1 Son

6:02 AM — pour coffee — 1 cup for me, one for #1 Son. Start the second pot.

6:05 AM — wake up #1 Son

6:10 AM — hop in the shower, keeping fingers crossed that #1 Son is actually awake and getting out of bed.

6:20 AM — raise the roof in an effort to wake up #1 Son

Are you seeing a pattern here? The end result is a later start out of the house than I would like.

My question is this: What do you do to get your teenagers out of bed in the morning?

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