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I have to admit that in my not so humble opinion the neo-con right has a strange definition of morality.

On the one hand, it’s deemed OK to lie to warn women in an attempt to scare them silly keep them informed by telling them that having an abortion increases their risk of breast cancer, even though science does not support this and the National Cancer Institute specifically refutes it. But these incorrect warnings are required reading in Texas and Mississippi during the enforced 24-hour waiting period, and “voluntarily” handed out in Kansas and Louisiana. Bills are being considered this year in Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia.

Only in Montana has this insanely stupid piece of legislation been struck down.

Per usual, anti-abortion activists are unconvinced by the preponderance of scientific evidence. Joel Brind, a biochemist at Baruch College in New York who advises the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, noted that a woman’s chances of getting breast cancer go down if she gives birth at a relatively young age. He reasons that those who opt for abortion are giving up a chance of reducing their breast cancer risk. Therefore an abortion increases the risk of cancer.

And that, of course, is circular reasoning of the most blatant sort. But it does fit in with the “keep ’em barefoot and pregnant” school of thought.

But after a woman decides to have a baby… well that’s a different story.

The USA ranks 29th in the world in infant mortality. More than 75 babies die each day in the US and 7 of every 1000 babies do not live to their first birthday.

The infant mortality rate had been steadily declining, due mainly to public health campaigns, better access to prenatal health care, and better infant health care. Since 2001, under the Bush administration, the infant mortality rate is once again on the rise.

For comparison, in Canada the infant mortalit rate is less than 5. In Sweden, it is less than three.

Yup. You’ll be forced to have that baby… but don’t expect any help taking care of it.

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