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Return, if you will, to the world of the prolific D’Ni author Atrus, his wife Catherine, and their children Yeesha, Sirrus and Achenar: The gaming family that puts the fun in disfunctional. (Click on the pics to embiggen.)

Myst IV: Revelation opens some years after the end of Myst III, but it’s not necessary to have played the previous Myst games in order to enjoy this one. Atrus has sent you a note requesting that you come for a visit in Tomahna, the “Age” (i.e. a world reached by traveling through a linking book written by one versed in “the Art”) where he and his family are currently living. You are picked up by Yeesha, Atrus’ and Catherine’s young daughter, who delivers you to Atrus’ lab. Once there, he reminds you that in the first Myst installment his sons Sirrus and Achenar had become evil and were tricked into the prison Ages Haven and Spire. Atrus destroyed the linking books for those Ages, thus trapping his sons.


Catherine believes that Sirrus and Achenar have seen the error of their ways. She wants Atrus to release them. Atrus isn’t so sure that they have fully repented. He wants you, now an old friend of the family, to help him check up on his sons and see just how reformed they are. He apparently trusts your unbiased opinion. Ah, yes… and the trust among his family’s members just warms the cockles of my heart.

Unfortunately, the viewing machine Atrus hopes to use to see into the prison worlds explodes, cutting power to the lab and the living quarters. He goes off to another Age to check up on a few things and get some tools, leaving you to restore power and keep an eye on Yeesha.

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