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The good news is that I have the stupid little weather gifs recreated with precipitation that doesn’t look like someone is standing in the clouds peeing. I’m not sure I like the hail, but at least I got it to bounce. I think it’s safe to assume that I’m not going to be in huge demand at Pixar Studios or ILM any time soon. It took all weekend to do the pictures.

It took all weekend to do the pictures because I kept getting interrupted.

I kept getting interrupted by my wonderful son, whom I love dearly, and who I would have liked to strangle Saturday night / Sunday morning. Not for the interruptions, because of course he is much more important than any stupid ani gifs, but because of the content of the ensuing conversations which went on and on endlessly and repetitively with no good resolution for THREE HOURS. I’ve forgotten how “dramatic” high school is.

Sometimes it’s really hard to be a parent. I can see why parents just give up on their kids. I just can’t do that. I love him too much and want him to grow up to become a responsible and self-supporting member of society. And if that entails being called horrible things sometimes, then so be it. Sticks and stones, and all that bullshit.

On the other hand, I saw the coolest bird this morning. I only caught a brief glimpse of it as it flew in front of the car and then between two houses. It was about robin-sized and olive drab in color, but it’s tail was two long streamers with a flash of metallic green that were longer than its body. I’ve got to hit the bird book when I get home and see if I can identify it. I’ve never seen anything like it before around here. I’m wondering now if it might be an escaped exotic. #1 Son didn’t see it.

One more day of school, and then summer. One more day. Don’t know whether to smile or cry.

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