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Chapeau Marnier brim
Chapeau Marnier brim

Look, knitting!

I’ve started Chapeau Marnier from the Summer 2007 issue of Knitty. I’m knitting this hat as a chemo cap for a friend of a friend who is in need. This is the brim. It’s knit in a fun lace pattern. I’m up to the straight stockinette, now.

We were asked to knit pretty things, and I can’t think of anything prettier than this lovely pattern in this amazing yarn.

I can hear you out there, gentle reader, saying Judy has finally completely lost it. It’s gray. But… it’s not. It’s silver. Stitchjones Glam Sock in Silver, to be exact. I thought the silver would be fun, and also neutral in color. A ribbon trim is threaded through the elongated stitches you can see in the picture. FOF can change the color of the ribbon to suit mood or wardrobe.

I have been trying unsuccessfully to photograph this yarn. I have tried all kinds of angles and lighting conditions and flash vs. no flash. This is the best I got. But it totally and completely fails to do any justice to this yarn. I swear the wound-up skein looks like a work of art. I’m exceedingly tempted to display it on my mantel like a small, gorgeous sculpture. But, with it’s mix of merino, silk (20% for nice sheen), nylon and real silver (that’s the sparkly bits) it’s too yummy not to knit with. Do click on the pic for the biggy version. Those little thin white lines and dots… those aren’t dust or digital artifacts – that’s silver sparkles.

Perhaps the reaction of my non-knitting friend L will help to describe it. All L could say was, It’s so soft! . . . It’s so sparkly! . . .

Yes, it is! And I have more of it in Santa Baby and my favorite Black Cherry. Ooooo… shiny!

By the way, for all of you looking for the Andean Chullo Hat pattern or its kin, I have it on very good authority that Knit Picks will eventually have the kit back in stock. They were just totally surprised by the number of orders they received. Please take a deep breath and be patient and let them catch up.

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