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Four years ago I asked What Do I Do With A Blog? in a little box in some software called Movable Type, and then clicked a button labeled Publish. In some ways I am still asking that question.

Four years ago I was a geeky, single, working mom with a teenage son who was deep in the long dark night of the soul called adolescence. One day I told my brother that I was interested in blogging software and thought I’d start one to play with. Bro replied, You know, if you start a blog you have to write in it all the time at regular intervals. You’ll never keep it going.

Ha! to you, Bro.

Four years ago, I had no particular thing I blogged about regularly. I just wrote whatever came into my head. I toyed with political blogging for awhile, but that took too much time to research and too many were already way better than I could ever hope to be. I toyed with techie blogging with much the same result. I wasn’t all that surprised that I had few visitors. But hit count had never seemed the point of it all to me, anyway.

Three-and-a-half years ago #1 Son became the proud possessor of a learner’s permit. And I picked up a set of DPNs and some rather hideous yarn and started knitting a pair of socks. I started writing about my knitting. Something clicked. And, seemingly overnight, I found myself in the wonderful world of knitting that is found online, and in my local yarn shops, and at fiber festivals and yarn festivals, and everywhere I go.

Some things have changed, some have not. I am still geeky, still single, still working. The blog is now powered by WordPress, which I hack on a regular basis to beat it into submission. #1 Son is still a teenager, for a few short months more. But he has (mostly) escaped the Borg and come back into the light to be revealed as a young man I can be, and am, very proud of. I have wonderful friends all over the world. And Knit Buds and PDX Knit Bloggers. And I have you, gentle reader, to chat with. And we are all bound together by little strands of fiber.

I’m going to keep typing at semi-regular intervals until my fingers fall off.

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    • If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur.

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