Seaweed socks
Judging by the number of hits I’ve had the last few days (thanks, Dave, for the shout-out), most people are not concerned with spoiling their Rockin’ Sock Club surprise. (My ball band says “Sure Footed” inside. Alas, if only that were true!)

So this is what I’m doing with my skein of Monsoon.

Obviously I’m not following the lovely pattern that was included in the February shipment. There are a couple of reasons for this. As a general rule I’m not very good at following directions anyway. But I also have narrow feet with high arches. Short-row heels just don’t fit my feet very well. So I am concerned that socks that fit my feet would be pretty tight to get on with those cables on the legs.

I was going to work a stitch pattern that Barbara Walker calls Seaweed, but after seeing the yarn I discarded that idea as not what I was really looking for. My next thought was to work the Tipsy Knitter stitch pattern over the sock. But about an inch into the toe I realized that just wasn’t going to work. So I fell back on plan A. This is Seaweed. It does look sort of seaweedy, eh?

But what it really looks like is… camo. You can see as it poses with my little camo project bag that it blends right in. I will have to be careful not to lose them.

Like I lost the Tangled socks, which still haven’t shown up! I have quizzed #1 Son for a second time, and the conversation went something like this:

Mom: Are you sure you haven’t seen my socks?

#1 Son: Why would I have your socks? When would I have seen them?

Mom: Are you sure they didn’t get mixed in with your laundry?

#1 Son: Did you want me to look? I supposed I could do that

Mom: YES!!! Looking would be a good thing!

#1 Son: OK. I’ll get back to you on that.


On a totally different note, don’t forget that we (in the USA) spring forward to Daylight Savings Time three weeks early this year. I’m not really looking forward to (1) losing an hour of sleep and (2) having it dark when I wake up. But unfortunately the powers that be did not consult me when this decision was made. So remember when you wake up this coming Sunday, the time has changed and your clock needs to also.

You should also visit the web site of the operating system for your computers and hand-held devices. Apple and Microsoft have both published patches so that the hour changes automatically on the right date. And Palm covered my brain (aka Judy’s Palm), with an easily applied patch.

Download the fix directly from the manufacturer. Don’t believe the emails from unknown third parties that promise to fix all your problems. In most cases they will cause other problems that you didn’t expect, like virii and phishing. Please compute safely.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled knitting blog…

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