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what would a cow be buying?

As LT and I sat, drinking coffee along the Streets Of Tanasbourne, a cow wearing a red and black dress and a string of blue pearls walked by our table. I have no idea why.

Disturbingly enough, I think it was a guy in that costume.

I think this one will have to be filed under the keeping Portland weird heading.

I blame the blurry, bad shot on surprise. OK… and maybe too much coffee.

And yes, Alice, the Trekking socks are done. (C’mon… I know you’re checking.)

I didn’t get them finished before midnight, that’s true. I made a valiant effort, but fell asleep in my chair and woke up to hear the bell tolling the witching hour. Unfortunately it was one of those times when I didn’t continue knitting in my sleep, and there was still about an inch of ribbing on the top to do.

#1 Son’s Trekking XXL socks

I finished them up this morning.

They’re a simple 4×1 rib, with a 1×1 rib at the top. The heel flaps are in heel stitch, with garter edges. I used my standard sock no-pattern.

It might be better that I didn’t keep knitting. Sometimes when I do that I wake up to find that I’ve been knitting an entirely different object than I was knitting when I nodded off. But ribbing… maybe I could have handled that.

I have cast on the pair of men’s socks that are next on the Socktober list. I think I might do the Father and Son Socks in the Fall, 2006 issues of Interweave Knits.

Except backwards, of course.

15 days to finish this pair… and the race is on!

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