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Arrgghh, matey. Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

But that’s all of that you’ll get from me, I’m afraid. I will have to walk the plank.

I missed a question from the comments the other day. Kristie asked, regarding the yarn I added to my stash that’s earmarked for #1 Son’s blanket:

I also am impressed with his blanket color selection! What pattern are you using? (what am I saying? You talented enough to write your own pattern)

I do appreciate the compliment! But this is not my own pattern. It’s actually a pattern from Manos del Uruguay. You can find the pattern at this link. But I got the pattern from Tangle, where it seems to be the blanket of the year — i.e. everyone it seems is knitting one.

I suspect that Manos meant to have their yarn used with their pattern. 😉 But I’m using Karabella Aurora 8. It’s soooooo soft and cozy. And I want a bigger blanket, so mine will be 4 blocks x 5 blocks. And I don’t want any lace blocks with holes in the pattern, so I will substitute a different stitch pattern for those blocks. I can never leave a pattern well enough alone.

If #1 Son ever doesn’t want his blanket, I’ll be happy to take it off his hands.

Speaking of #1 Son, when I came home after work yesterday he was there — doing laundry and eating my food. Which I didn’t mind at all!

And a little secret was revealed — the reason for his trip to Tangle.

Propped up in the place where I always toss my purse was an envelope. When I opened it, I found a card and a Tangle gift certificate, just because.

Do I have a great kid or what!

I suspect that the environment inside a LYS was a little bit out of his comfort zone. But he said Alice was really nice and helpful.

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