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grape blossoms

Remember back at the beginning of June when I posted this picture?

It’s always such a long wait, it seems. And the grapes are such teases.

The summer isn’t very old when I can look out and see lovely green globes hanging down. They look sooooo good to eat.

Eat my grapes in July, and you will know the meaning of the word “sour.” Ditto for August.

Some time after school starts I test a few, and those in the know begin to ask are the grapes in yet? Maybe next week, I tell them. Or the week after.

tiny little promises kept

Grapes are in now. 🙂

My grape harvest lasts for a month or so. These in the picture are very, very edible right now – nice and sweet. If I leave them on the vine a little longer, they will become a beautiful golden-green, taste like honey inside, and will almost be too sweet.

Here is my awful secret: What do I do to grow such prolific and wonderful grapes? uh… not a blasted thing. I have two vines that are about 10 years old now, but have been producing abundantly since their second year. Over my back patio is a 12′ x 16′ arbor. The vines cover the top of the arbor, and by the end of summer have spilled over the edges and reached the ground so I have to fight my way into the yard. After the leaves fall in autumn I whack them back up almost to the top of the arbor. And that’s it. I don’t water them. I don’t fertilize them. I don’t prune for production.

In the spring I admire their loveliness. In summer I appreciate their shade. In fall I and everyone I know eats grapes. In winter I whack.

That’s it.

Note: I do not recommend trying this at home!

Kristie opines:

I LOVE your Victoria Socks. I MUST have that pattern. (hint, hint)

It’s my standard toe-up pattern (think Tangled Up In Blue in plain stockinette). The stitch pattern is *K6, K2tog, YO* repeat. The pattern moves one stitch to the right every round so that the YOs spiral up the sock. The number of stitches that are knit before the K2tog, YO can be modified to fit into any number of total stitches depending on your gauge. I used K6 because my total stitches were evenly divisible by 8.

I did do the garter stitch edges on the heel, which is a new thing for me. But I can’t give away all of my secrets! 😉 What sets this sock apart is really the spiral YO stitch pattern, and that can be worked over just about any sock.

hpny knits comments:

my son is only 4………. reading about yours moving out, makes my heart skip a beat.

Hang on tight, Mom. Mine was only 4 just yesterday. It’s amazing how fast it goes. Give him as many hugs as you can while he’ll still let you!

Deb adds:

I was so worried about food when the son moved out (the nephew finally went to live with his own mom)I was constantly taking car loads of food over.

I’m not too worried about mine starving, given that he works in a bakery. But I’ve got to keep that boy warm! I’m sure he’s just not dressing warmly enough. He must have socks. And blankets.

And, speaking of #1 Son… today I received an odd call from him asking me how to get to Tangle from downtown Portland. When I asked him why he wanted to know, he replied because I want to go there. And no further information would he give.

So, of course I called Alice and told her I thought my son was on his way over there and I had no idea why. Alice, bless her, said you know that I can’t tell you why unless he says I can.

I’m fairly certain he’s not taking up knitting.

aarrrggghhhh it’s going to kill me!

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