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Isn’t it amazing how sane knitting keeps you? Well… me at least.

I have very little progress to show. The Lapis socks have progressed about an inch. So no picture. Who wants to see a picture of a pair of sock toes that look pretty much like the last picture, only a teensy bit longer? Click on the pic from the last post and then stretch them a teeny, tiny bit.

I swear these socks are in the knitting black hole. No amount of knitting on them is making any measurable progress. The gauge is about 12 rows/inch. That translates to knitting about 1,532,450 rows and getting about 1/2″ of progress.

Not that I have time to knit 1,532,450 rows. (Funny, I typed “knot” first instead of “not.” Hah!) I carry my poor Lapis socks around with me and promise them I will knit. But there is very little time right now for making loops with sticks.

But just having knitting with me is so comforting. The other day I forgot to bring my little knitting bag with me to work. I twitched all day like a junky who needed a fix. I had a serious Knitting Jones going. I would have had no time to knit, you understand. But the fact that I couldn’t knit even if I’d had time to was just almost too terrible to contemplate. When I got home that night I put my knitting bag in the car so that there was no way I could forget it the next day. It just needs to be there.

Last night was open knitting night at Tangle. I arrived fairly late in the evening. But it was so good to be back amongst fellow knitters, who speak of nothing technical (except knitting) and who may think I’m crazy for knitting socks at a gauge of 2,064,900 rows and 11 stitches/inch, but who will treat me kindly nonetheless and welcome me with open arms. Poor Alice had to pry me out the door.

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