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beehive socks

I’ve found the pattern for my sock pal’s socks.

Alice from Tangle Knitting Studio in Lake Oswego let me look through her stack of old magazines and knitting books from the 40’s, and I found this in a little book called Hand Knits By Beehive – Socks For Men And Women.

I’m going to make the ones on the right. Except I’m going to make them toe-up. And longer. But that’s the general idea anyway. I think they’re going to look great in that Ambrosia yarn.

I might have to keep them! (Just kidding, sock pal!)

This is my next project, as soon as I get the basket weave socks off of my Inox grays. Which shouldn’t be too long, as I have the heels turned and have started up the ankles. For the second time. I didn’t like the way the heels came out the first time so I frogged and re-knit this weekend.

I also need to get ready for my sock class that I’ll be teaching starting in just a few short weeks! EEK!

And Alice has asked if I’d be interested in doing a pattern for Tangle’s anniversary. Which I am. But June isn’t all that far away, either.

Maybe I’ll get that sweater done by next fall.

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