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Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!

I didn’t hop on the Knitting Olympics bandwagon. Just too much to do. I am, however, working on a tiny little project that I think should qualify me for some sort of honorable mention. Pics hopefully tonight or tomorrow. At least tomorrow, because this project has to be finished before Thursday AM!

Because Thursday afternoon I’m leaving for a couple of days down on the coast with some friends. All girls, no guys. Yep, #1 Son gets to stay home while Mom goes out and has some fun. That’s a first! I am now praying that there will be no snow in the Coast Range, since I have neither snow tires nor chains. The weather reports are indecisive. It could get interesting.

No update on Captain Kidd. We should know more today either way.

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    • I come from a people who gave the Ten Commandments to the world. Time has come to strengthen them by three additional ones, which we ought to adopt and commit ourselves to: thou shall not be a perpetrator; thou shall not be a victim; and thou shall never, but never, be a bystander.

      (Yehuda Bauer)
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