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teeny socks

And what do you think a line of teeny, tiny socks is doing, hanging from my mantle?

Those are 12 little socks, knit all at once on two size US#1 Addi Turbos.

Personally, although I wasn’t competing in the Knitting Olympics, I really think I deserve an Honorable mention for this one! That’s 12 socks! Twelve! All at once! And, no, I didn’t manage to keep the yarn untangled, especially when I turned the heels. That was a mess.

I’m not sure I would try this feat again.


And what does one do with 12 teeny, tiny little socks?

Why… turn them in to little sock bookmarks, of course! These are on their way as gifts to a special group of women.

No word yet on Captain Kidd. I’m waiting for the results of the tests done on Thursday. The most likely diagnosis, it appears, is lymphoma.

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