guy in tree with chainsaw

This is a little snapshot that I like to call Big, burly guy with chainsaw cutting down tree before it falls on my house.

I mean, what’s not to like about this picture? I’ve been pretty much obsessing about these trees for 10 years. It was inevitable that they would fall. I’m happy about the following things:

  • The trees didn’t fall on my house or damage my property in any way.
  • Nobody was hurt.
  • Nothing was damaged that can’t be repaired.
  • MNTHD (my neighbor two houses down) has seen the light and is removing the remaining tree.
  • I got to meet my neighbor three houses down (they are semi-new to the neighborhood).

If you click on the pick, you’ll see that PI boasts a new photo-popup script that lays the picture over the contents of the current window rather than popping it up in a new window. It’s not only cool because, well, it looks cool. It’s cool because it will re-size the popped-up picture so that it fits in your browser. It appears to be working pretty well in IE and Firefox. Opera… well… the two of you who are using Opera can at least see the little picture. Anyone out there on a Mac, let me know how if it works in your browser, please!

And, yes, I’m knitting, too. Yesterday I made little field trip to Woodland Woolworks in search of inspiration for my Sockapalooza pal’s socks. And I found it in the form of some wonderful yarn that I will tell you more about later, but here’s a hint. Now I just have to find the perfect pattern!

I also got started on the green Socks That Rock socks. I’ve decided on a pin-wheel toe, and I’m just about finished with that part. I have no pics yet, but I plan to get some serious knitting in during the Super Bowl.

I usually find the Super Bowl to be a bunch of really cool ads hung together by annoying little bits of football. But, this year… what can I say but GO SEAHAWKS!

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