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Yeah… OK… this is the semi-obligatory year in review thingy.

In the completed objects category (drum roll please):
— 5 pairs of socks that I will actually admit to
— 4 bags
— 3 pairs of fingerless gloves
— 3 scarves
— 2 sweaters
— 1 clapotis

That’s 18 finished objects, or about 1-1/2 per month. Not bad. I’m proud of myself. 😆

In a more traditional vein, here’s the rundown of the year by month:

January: First completed knitting project in about 30 years; new car; driving with #1 Son and his learner’s permit

February: PI’s first big hit from spam bots (may they be consigned to the lowest circle of hell!)

March: Dead water heater, dying refrigerator, leaking roof – ain’t home ownership fun! And my cousin passes away. Not one of the year’s highlights.

April: Major WordPress upgrade; John Paul II passes away and Benedict XVI is chosen; more nefarious bandwidth-sucking spam bots

May: PI’s 1st blogiversary; PI’s new look; #1 Son’s first “real” suit; Chili fingers at Wendy’s; melting destruction of #1 Son’s printer

June: #1 Son graduates from high school, becomes a licensed driver and moves out for the summer; new position; Wacko Jacko has his day in court; first ride on the Canby Ferry

July: Sandra Day O’Conner resigns; woman drives car down stairs (partially down, that is); Scotty beams up; the Viewmaster water tower comes down, PI had our 10,000th visitors

August: Knitflix; the PI FO Gallery launch; my African violet blooms for the first time in three years; PI moves to new server; #1 Son does not go camping; we visit Fort Clatsop before it burns down (no connection between those two events)

September: Katrina; #1 Son moves home; road trip through Oregon, Idaho and Washington; Myst V is released

October: Cold weather comes; distractions from Woodland Woolworks; Judy needs more time

November: Car woes of #1 Son; Westgate closes; Thanksgiving adventures at B’s house; Harry Potter with kids who shouldn’t be there

December: The local news media try to make news out of the remote possibility it might snow; new camera; Autistic Youth’s whirlwind west coast tour is a success; Christmas with grandpa and grandma; Las Vegas

And that was what I did last year! If interested, you can find the particulars on the History page.

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