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I’ve done a little redecorating around the old place today. Not a lot. Most of it is under-the-covers clean-up. But you will notice a few changes:

I’ve removed the background tiles in favor of a green-to-blue gradient.

The woman has gained a right shoulder, and she and the coffee cup float outside of the header box. The coffee has new steam.

If you are browsing with IE, you will see a couple of buttons at the bottom of the right-hand column suggesting that you get a different browser. If you are not here using IE, the buttons will be absent.

Despite that suggestion, everything should look substantially similar in either IE or Firefox. I don’t have access to Safari, but I’d be interested in knowing how it looks like in that browser. The left-hand column has problems in Opera, but since less that 1% of PI’s visitors use that browser, I’m don’t really feel like taking the time to fix it.

PI looks best at 1024 x 768 or above, where the majority of visitors keep their monitors. It should be OK down to 800 x 600, but maybe not quite as pretty.

Under-the-cover stuff includes cleaning up some of the closets, getting rid of stuff that isn’t used any more, and moving the 2005 fo gallery to the subdomain with the rest of the galleries.

And I did get some knitting done. 😆

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