Knitting by Judy @ 6:23 AM
colorful socks

I’ve been inspired by all of the colorful Cascade Fixation I picked up from Tangle recently. After all, why have all those great colors if I don’t use them… all of them… in one pair of socks…

These were started on our trip to the coast last Sunday. #1 Son egged me on a bit. That’s cool, Mom. I like those colors. Use more of that. But I have no one to blame but myself.

OK. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Click on the pic to see the progress on both socks of the pair.

I can hear my sweater even as I type: Only a few more rows! Only a few more rows! But I won’t be wearing a sweater for a couple of months. I’ll get back there, after a pair of Fixation socks, or two.

I can hear E’s lace socks whimpering: Please finish me! E wants to wear me! They may be lace, but they’re wool. We finally have warm weather. E will maybe wait a little while. Until I finish a pair of Fixation socks, or two, or three…

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