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I had promised myself, and the mermaid socks, that I would definitely take them to work yesterday so I could knit a few rounds at lunch. So, as you can imagine, I kicked myself when I got a few blocks from home and realized they were still sitting on the shelf where I’d left them the day before (and the day before that).

Ordinarily this would be no big deal. I’d just turn around and buzz back home and have those socks in a jiffy. Except, you see, my entire neighborhood is under construction. Well, OK, not the entire neighborhood. But there is only one arterial out of my neighborhood, and it’s under major construction. To get out I have to go through two flaggers and wait interminably while various large pieces of heavy equipment bang and crash around me. Even a trip to the grocery store is rather more “excitement” than I care for.

So the decision to go back and get the socks was not made lightly. But I’d promised myself (and the socks). So go back I did.

Thus absolutely guarantying that I would have no time yesterday to take a lunch.

The socks remained in my drawer untouched, and whined every time I opened it. But I loaded them up at the end of the day for the trip back home, and I did managed to work a few rounds last night before I fell asleep. (No progress was made after my eyes closed, although I have been known to knit, badly, while dozing.)

And now, horrors of horrors, I am afraid that the gauge is going to be wrong and the socks are going to be too big. I had hoped that the mermaid pattern would pull in enough to make for a snug fit, but I’m just not far enough along to really tell if it will work out that way. E’s feet are even smaller than mine, and I’m using mine for comparison. And if they’re too big on me…

Is this a lesson in why you shouldn’t try out completely new patterns when making presents for someone? ahhhhh…

I have to get my oil changed after work today, and knitting is more interesting that anything else in a waiting room. Hopefully I’ll get far enough up the instep to really see the fit. But I may be knitting along on socks that I’m going to end up frogging out.

What would you do?

Political Rants by Judy @ 6:37 AM

There’s a special report on the TV right now that Sandra Day O’Connor has retired from the Supreme Court effective as soon as her replacement is named.

This could be a very interesting fight coming up.

Bush will be speaking some time after 8:00 AM PDT.

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